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Bonding Program

The State Board of Administration Finance Corporation (Corporation) serves as a conduit issuer for the FHCF and facilitates the issuance of revenue bonds. This debt can be issued on either a pre-event or post-event basis. The proceeds of debt issued by the Corporation are primarily used to either provide liquidity to enable the FHCF to meet future reimbursement obligations (pre-event), or to fulfill reimbursement obligations after a covered event when the cash balance of the FHCF is insufficient (post-event). To date, the Corporation has issued $14.0 billion in pre-event debt and $2.65 billion in post-event debt.


The Corporation is governed by a five-member Board of directors which consists of the Governor, Chief Financial Officer and Attorney General of the State of Florida, the Director of the Florida Division of Bond Finance, and the Chief Operating Officer of the FHCF.

The current officers of the Corporation are listed below:

  • Gina Wilson, President
  • Joel Meyer, Treasurer
  • John Brenneis, Secretary